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108,000 Supporters since 11/3/17
who want their bridge back

4/22/18 - Thanks to our efforts, there is currently a bill pending in the New York State Senate to add the Tappan Zee name back to the bridge. It would be a compromise: The Governor Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge. Why support this? It has a decent chance of passing; it adds the Tappan Zee name back; and it avoids renaming the signs. If you support this bill, there are many ways you can help.

What started as a single signature by a guy watching tv has turned into a petition with over 106,000 signatures, and the creation of this apolitical not-for-profit advocacy organization with one primary mission: to return the Tappan Zee name to our bridge crossing the Hudson between Westchester & Rockland counties, NY. Learn more about us.

Save Our Tappan Zee, Inc. is a NY not-for-profit corporation, 501(c)(3) PENDING (tax-exempt paperwork submitted to the IRS on 1/8/2018.)