What your donation is used for:

  • To pay for bumper stickers, signs, and t-shirts
  • To pay for other state-wide advertising
  • To keep the website updated and improving
  • To continue the release of press materials to the media
  • To allow for continued media appearances
  • To meet with other organizations to create alliances
  • To sponsor and stage events promoting our cause
  • To raise money for a Tappan Zee Bridge/Indian/Dutch museum
  • To advocate to anyone who will listen on behalf of our cause
  • To ensure that this issue stays relevant today, tomorrow, and the day after

Donations will only be tax-deductible if tax-exemption is approved by the IRS in May, 2018, which is likely, but never guaranteed.

4 Ways You Can Donate:

Checks made out to:
Save Our Tappan Zee, Inc.
12 Puritan Dr.
Port Chester, NY 10573.