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Support the cause by purchasing "Save Our Tappan Zee" merchandise here.

Buy A SOTZ Box! SOTZ = Save. Our. Tappan. Zee!

The Small SOTZ Box includes: 2 car magnets, 4 bumper stickers, 5 pens, and 1 hand sanitzer that you can use to spread the word.

The Medium SOTZ Box includes: 4 car magnets, 6 bumper stickers, 10 pens, 2 hand sanitizers, 1 small poster, and 1 lawn sign that you can use to spread the word.

The Large SOTZ Box includes: 6 car magnets, 8 bumper stickers, 15 pens, 4 hand sanitizers, 2 lawn signs, 1 small poster, and 1 large poster. In other words, a whole bunch of cool stuff in large quantities than the smaller boxes, so you can REALLY spread the word.

LEGAL NOTE: Prices above and contents may change sporadically. Please give us 1 - 2 weeks for shipments. Sometimes we run out of stock. If we believe the wait time will be too great, based on current inventory, in such a situation we reserve the right to provide items to you of equal or greater value. As of 2/9/18, we are still in process of ordering the posters, and the lawn signs are still en route. Finally, don't be surprised: the box is actually an envelope, since it's less expensive. :D

Choose Size!

What the stuff looks like!

Small and Large Poster

photo of Poster

Car Magnet & Sticker. Same Design and Dimensions.

photo of magnet

Pens "Keep Your Hands Off Our Spans - Help Preserve NY History" photo of pens

Lawn Sign - Doublesided - Includes Poles To Put On Lawn

photo of lawn sign

Our Sweatshirts (Coming Soon) Will Have Our New Logo On Them

photo of logo

WideShot of Car Magnet

photo of magnet

Hand Sanitizer "Keep Your Hands Off Our Spans" HUGE bottle. photo of hand sanitizer

More Coming Soon

NOTE: We will soon be selling individual items. Stay tuned.